Mar 252010

Many Pagans hold with what is variously called the Rule of Three or the Law of Threefold Return. What it says is that, whenever you wish or will harm to befall another (creating the magical energy behind harm), or cause that harm to happen, it will come back to you three times over.

I’m not sure whether or not that law only applies to Pagans, but it makes sense to me that it applies to anyone. After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse, right? And if you doubt that the extremists are raising harmful energy, just take another look at video clips from last Sunday’s demonstration outside the halls of Congress, soundly encouraged by members of Congress shouting down in agreement from the balcony of the Capitol Building.

So I guess we need to issue a warning to those folks out there who are actively endangering the families of members of Congress who supported health insurance reform, like the threatening letter followed by a severed gas line at the home of Virginia’s Rep. Tom Periello’s brother:

or the faxes of nooses like those received by Reps. Jim Clyburn and Bart Stupak

or the coffin placed on Missouri Rep. Rus Carnahan’s lawn

or the fact that  Republican Senators will not allow the business of the Senate to continue, bring to a halt an attempt to help our homeless veterans

or the many acts of vandalism on Congressional offices and Democratic Party offices throughout the country, encouraged by the extremist blogosphere (and when you get to the blog, be sure to read the entire page and comments)

or….and you can add your own list here as well.

Now, before you remind me that extremism and conservatism are not one and the same, let me say with absolute clarity that I do not believe they are.

I’m from Maine, and we well remember our Republican Senator, Margaret Chase Smith, who worked hard to stop Senator Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunt perpetrated by the House Un-American Affairs Committee. Senator Smith was a true conservative who had the courage to speak up when Americans were being persecuted by extremists of her own party.

Where are the courageous Republicans of 2010, where are the true conservatives willing to stand up to the extremists, to the bloggers and radio talk show hosts who spread terror and incite citizens to commit crimes of violence

(and why are none of these people being charged with incitement or conspiracy?)? Why is it that, whenever an elected Republican does stand up to Rush or his compatriots that representative of the GOP seems to back down within a few days?

But those questions are for the Republicans among us, the conservatives who love the rule of law as much as I do (really!)….and I truly hope that those questions will be asked and discussed within their own community. I hope they will read commentary like the piece written so well by John Cory:

My question is this: what harm will befall those who bring terror, threats and acts of violence, who have built the wall of fear that separates Americans from each other? I hope none, but whether you believe in the Law of Threefold Return, or just “what goes around, comes around”, either way their negativity is as dangerous to them as it is to the rest of us.

Let’s hope they figure that out. I wish them only safety, health, and peace.